Sunset over the Mediterranean, Israel - Nature Relax Video
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The magical sounds of the sea hitting stones are the best way to relieve stress and recuperate after a hard day. This soothing water soundscape will help you, whether you want to study, sleep, or just relax. White noise enhances creative thinking and improves your ability to focus. It can be used as background noise so that you don't get distracted by other thoughts as you study something. These sounds are ideal for dealing with anxiety, stress or insomnia as they promote relaxation and help eliminate bad vibrations. Enjoy this soundscape video, feel how light waves of the Mediterranean sea touch your feet and carry away all worries with the ebb tide. Video from: Israel Video title: Sunset at Mediterranean sea, Israel Video resolution: 4K UHD Video type: nature soundscapes video Executive producer: Roman Khomlyak, ProArtInc Cinematographer: Oleksandr Diakov Editor and colorist: Vasyl Shemet Supervising editor: Oleksandr Diakov

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