Sleeping under the Northern Lights
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Many people include seeing the Northern Lights on their bucket list, as nothing can compare to the beauty, mystique, and rarity of the aurora borealis. Imagine that you fall asleep with a clear view of the night sky. Listen to soothing sounds of winter blizzard and admire the unspoiled view of northern lights. Faint green glow, gentle night snowfall and soothing "wind song" is the perfect combination for total relaxation! Personal tent is a perfect place for watching the polar lights while feeling at one with nature. Forget about daily anxiety, enjoy the amazing sky show and let its natural beauty wash your stress away. This relaxing scene will help you create a soothing atmosphere for your mind. Take a deep breath and feel recharged! Video resolution: 4K Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc Photo License: Animation work: Kiril Belyi

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