Seattle - The Emerald City, 4K Film about Seattle

Seattle is the city of rain, coffee and one of the most appealing destinations on the West Coast. Enjoy this unpredictable city together with a fabulous movie from and “Seattle – The Emerald City” in 4K is a perfect film for residents, tourists and guests of the city who want to explore this magnificent metropolis. The city of Seattle is a coastal seaport city and one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. It is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region, which is located just over 100 miles from the United States - Canadian border. Surrounded by mountains, forests and water, Seattle, the land of diversity, offers numerous activities, fabulous views and breathtaking nature. Although Seattle is huge and busy, its’ nickname is “The Emerald City." This nickname was promoted by tourism officials in the middle 1980s, because Seattle has more than 6,000 acres of parks within the city. Our movie will surely prove that the nickname and the fact that Seattle has the most beautiful sunsets. This movie was created for everyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of the fading day and brightness of the sunset. You will enjoy the most spectacular colors of the sky from Seattle’s key places. Experience the views from Space Needle, Sunset Hill Park, Victor Steinbrueck Park, Fremont Canal Park, Golden Gardens and Lincoln Park, take a virtual trip to Magnolia Park and Olympic Sculpture Park, enjoy the waterfront at Pier-66 and Seacrest Park.

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