Red Sea Inhabitants. Part #2
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Relax with Red Sea inhabitants and listen to soothing music for relaxation, sleep, yoga, stress relief, and more. Dive into the sea clear waters, enjoy the vibrancy of coral colors, and discover marine fish diversity. Discover the spectacular array of Red Sea's marine life with our team! You will have a unique opportunity to explore hundreds of fish species and the impressive Thistlegorm wreck (1:07:43), one of the most legendary dive sites in the Red Sea and one of the planet's most impressive wrecks. This virtual underwater tour will show you unique marine animals & coral reefs at your arm’s length! Take a moment and imagine yourself swimming with these incredible marine inhabitants in total harmony with nature! ► Here is the list of inhabitants you can see in this Red Sea underwater footage: Blue Spotted Stingray Giant Moray Ee Geometric / Grey / Snowflake Moray Eel Spotted Snake Eel Carpet Flathead Fish (Crocodilefish) Tassled Scorpionfish Lionfish (Turkeyfish) Red Sea Clownfish Masked Butterfly Fish Emperor Angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator Blackspotted Sweetlips or Grunts Fiveline Cardinalfish Green Turtle Bottlenose dolphin Video from: Red Sea, Egypt Video type: underwater footage Video resolution: 8K 60fps Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art inc. Filmmaker, Editor, and Colorist: Alexey Mandryko Wish to thank all those who directly and indirectly participated in the filming process, especially VITALII SHADURSKYI, my dive buddy for his patience. He followed me everywhere and producer ROMAN KHOMLYAK for the opportunity to film this beautiful underwater world.

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