Pink Lake, Ukraine
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0:15:03 Lakes in 4K

Video from: Ukraine Video resolution: 4K Video type: nature relaxation video In this 4K relaxation video you will be amazed by the beauty of a spectacular Pink Lake also known as “Ukrainian Dead Sea”. It’s a must-see destination nestled in one of the villages in Kherson region. This hidden gem has a mysterious origin. According to the locals, the lagoon was created as a result of the air crash and then it was filled by the waters of the nearby river. Gentle color of the water and crystal white salt covering the shore of the lake make the outstanding scenery! Listen to soothing sounds of nature. Everything is so calm and gorgeous! Every minute being in nature you may feel yourself relaxed! Enjoy the beauty of the world, discover new destinations you have never been before and relax while watching our 4K relaxation videos.

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