Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge in Spring 2
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Find solitude and peace, enjoy views of surrounding scenery and feel yourself relaxed. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is a wonderful place where you can encounter a great number of birds and animals. This video was filmed in high quality that lets you see everything in fine detail. It’s a great place for birdwatching. Lots of geese and ducks are swimming on the water enjoying fresh water of the Nisqually River; long-legged wading birds are walking along the water bank; some of birds are flying over the estuary. Listen to soothing nature sounds and enjoy rain in the background. This video will help you to sooth your mind, calm down, concentrate and unwind. Use this 4K relaxation video as gorgeous video walls for any relax room, spa, waiting room, lobby, public transport, souvenir shop, gym, hotel, lounge, office, hospital, dental clinic, vet clinic, picture gallery, home and other public places.

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