Nature by Season: Amazing Fall Foliage
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Restore the natural balance in life with our autumn scenery! This fall nature video will give you a chance to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world. This virtual trip will be perfect for hikers and fall lovers. Dive into the amazing deep colors of fall landscapes and fill your day with peace and harmony! We offer you to join us on a beautiful fall journey around the world. There are lots of reasons to visit these destinations in fall! In this relax video you will enjoy beautiful fall foliage, dense forests, amazing autumn trails, majestic mountains, calm rivers, stormy streams, beautiful waterfalls, cozy city parks and scenic roads. Just look at tons of colorful trees, take in this spectacular nature scenery and relax! Fall is the best time to take a virtual scenic tour across Europe, Russia, and US. It’ll be a memorable fall experience for you! Relax all day and enjoy an enchanting journey into the seasonal wonders of Autumn as seen from various natural paradises from around the world, paired to soothing piano instrumental music and ambient nature sounds.

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