Mount Rainier 1,2,3- Short Preview
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Video from: Washington State, USA Video resolution: 4K Video type: short preview of the nature relaxation film Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art inc. Enjoy great series “Mount Rainier National Park” in a brand-new 4K resolution. This modern eye-melting technology offers a life-like picture. 4K TVs are four times the resolution of HD TV and for landscape scenic documentary movies this new technology means bringing you close to nature. It’s a new window to nature that offers the definition with detail so dense that the human eye won’t see the pixels even in close proximity. 4K technology takes you out of your room and brings you close to nature to an extent that you think you watch the picture live. Sit on your couch, turn on your TV and enjoy “Mount Rainier National Park” series come to live. Our movie shows key places and the most popular hikes of the nature landmark. Detailed information on main trails will prepare tourists and residents of Washington State for their hikes. For those who can’t visit Mount Rainier, this film in 4K resolution offers unbelievable opportunity to sit at home in front of a TV screen and enjoy gorgeous nature live.

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