Morning River. Nature Relax Video
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Gentle bird songs, whispers of water, bright greenery on river banks - all of this is a perfect ambiance for your emotional wellness! Stay connected to nature and add these calming soundscapes to your playlist. Feel the beauty of awakening with nature in a quiet and relaxing corner of Silver Falls State Park. This soundscape video was created to help you tune in for a productive day, to fill you with energy and calmness. Let nature saturate you with positive vibes and inspire you to achieve your goals. Video from: Silver Falls State Park, Oregon state, US Video title: MORNING RIVER Time of filming: summer of 2021 Equipment used: Z Cam E2-M4 Video resolution: 4K UHD Video type: Nature Soundscape Video Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc Video by: Roman Khomlyak Editor and colorist: Kirill Beliy Supervising editor: Anatolii Pylypenko

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