Lowveld - South Africa - Greater Kruger National Park Area
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Welcome to South Africa's most exciting safari destination. This wildlife film is filmed in Greater Kruger National park for your enjoyment and relaxation. The Slow-Mo effect allows you to view beautiful wild animals in detail with the free movement of animals across this spectacular land. The slow flapping of the colorful birds' wings looks amazing, and the opportunity to hear the sounds of the wings is incredibly exciting! Majestic elephants and hippos enjoy splashing in the water. Funny Jackals cut through the expanses of the park in search of food. Great lions bask in the African sun, representing rage and animal magnetism. Enjoy the time spent with wild animals while watching this amazing wildlife film in 4K UHD quality! Video from: The Greater Kruger National park, Lowveld, South Africa Video title: Lowveld South Africa Greater Kruger National park area Time of filming: Equipment used: Video type: Wildlife Film Video resolution: 4K UHD Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc Cinematographer: David Eastaugh Editor: Alex Mandryko

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