Incredible Winter Life of Wild Polar Animals - 4K Wildlife of Park in Norway
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You will have a chance to observe the funny floundering of polar foxes in the snow, growling of bears, purring of lynxes, and winter songs of wolves will definitely cheer you up and distract you from worries! Wild animals in their element will be great helpers in creating the right atmosphere. Rest your eyes and mind while watching winter wildlife, get positive, and keep smiling! Follow us to have a way to relax in a great company anytime! Polar Park is a unique arctic wildlife center in the north of Norway, where special attention is paid to creating the most comfortable living conditions for arctic animals close to wild nature. There are 12 sections on the territory where various polar animals are located, for example, moose, deer, lynx, wolves, polar foxes, bears, wolverines, muskoxen and reindeer. The Polar Park is open on virtually every day of the year and is just as interesting to visit in the winter as in summer. - Have the best background for your relaxation using this wild life video; - Get closer to the unique wildlife of the North and enjoy the time with beautiful arctic animals in their habitat; - Give your kids the opportunity to experience wildlife and its traits just from the TV or computer screen; Video from: Polar Park, Arctic Wildlife Center, Norway Video title: Wild Animals of Polar Park, Arctic Wildlife Center Time of filming: Winter of 2020 Equipment used: Blackmagic 4K Pocket camera Video type: Winter wildlife of polar animals Video resolution: 4K UHD Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc Cinematographer: Agnius Narkevičius Editor and colorist: Vasyl Shemet Supervising editor: Oleksandr Diakov

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