Hoh Rain Forest. Summer
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Video from: Olympic Peninsula, Washington state, USA Video resolution: 4K Video type: nature relaxation video This 3-hour relaxation video will take you to the famous Hoh Rain Forest. This 4K video was beautiful shot in summer. Enjoy giant trees fully and totally covered with moss, velvet ferns, unbelievably beautiful vines and epiphytes. Listen to the beautiful music and soothing nature sounds, feel the healing and restoring effect! Moisture-laden air brings an average of 140 inches of rain every year, and in addition to condensed mist and fog brings another 30 inches to the region, we are almost sure that you will enjoy rain forest whenever you visit the park. Immerse yourself in a heart-warming and soul nourishing beauty of the forest. There is no bad time to enjoy moss-covered trees, Hoh River, wildlife, quietness and mysteriousness of the place.

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