Greece, Corfu - Nature Documentary Film
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Video from: Corfu, Greece Video resolution: 4K HDR Video type: nature documentary film Producer: Roman Khomlyak Filmmaker: Roman Gamkalo Assistant: Ostap Pavliv Editor: Vitaliy Batiev Take a look at the wonderful Corfu, Greek island in the Ionian Sea, in this 4K HDR nature documentary film. Listen to the relaxing melody on the background of the video and relax on the island in the middle of the turquoise-blue water. This 40-minute film is fascinating by the beautiful natural scenery. Enjoy the views of the rocky hills and green meadows, caves and rocks of different sizes and shapes, and greenish-blue sea lulling local boats with a wind. Sit back and enjoy the most beautiful sunset and get refreshed by the breeze of the sea waves. Get closer to nature wherever and whenever you need it. Use this nature relax video as gorgeous 4K TV screensaver and share the beauty of marvelous Greece.

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