Frankln Falls Trail - Virtual Forest Walk
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Get closer to nature and take a virtual walk through the dreamlike forest located near Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State! This virtual forest walk will bring you back to the good memories of warm summer days! Even now, you have a chance to admire the views of the pure South Fork Snoqualmie River (0:34), and the majestic Franklin Falls (27:40)! Enjoy the calming birds chirping, views of the mysterious mossy rocks, and lovely wild paths! Relax and explore the lush emerald forest where you can find your piece of harmony. Admire the surrounding scenery as if you are there! Walk along the beautiful river winding its way through the moss-covered boulders, lush vegetation growing near the bank, and a great mighty waterfall. Enjoy a massive arching plume of water! Feel the cool breath of the stormy flow of falling water and refresh yourself! Listen to the beautiful nature sounds and stay relaxed! Video from: Franklin Falls Trail, Washington State, USA Video resolution: 4K UHD Equipment used: Sony A7S ll Video type: nature walking tour Filmmaker: Roman Khomlyak Editor: Vasyl Lypianchyk Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

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