Fascinating Sunset over the Black Sea, Krasnodar Region
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This 3-HOURS nature relax video will gift you unforgettable views of the sky together with the sea landscapes. Observe the breathtaking sunset over the Black Sea and enjoy a rich color spectrum full of the colors of indigo, purple, orange... Is there anything more peaceful than taking in the quiet beauty of the setting sun? Let’s discover the beautiful Russian landscapes filled with rocky shores, mountains, foothills, and beautiful beaches. You will have an opportunity to explore the diversity of natural landscapes in the Krasnodar region from the best observation platforms and birds-eye view! Close your eyes, listen to the voice of the water, and imagine the majestic endless sea around you! Enjoy the views of the dynamic waves crashing the rocky shore and dive into the amazing deep colors of sea sunset. Admire places of peace and relax while watching our 4K nature relax video! Video From: Black Sea, Krasnodar Region Video Resolution: 4K UHD Video Type: nature relax video Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc Cinematographer: Evgeniy Romanov Editor and colorist: Vitaliy Mishchenko Supervising editor: Bohdan Bryskankin Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard, and challenging work.

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