Beautiful Washington. Part 3 (HD only)

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of nature in Washington State,USA. Sit back, relax and enjoy beautiful valleys, majestic mountains, feel refreshed by the views of crystal water and green forest. "Beautiful Washington" HD series reveals the fabulous, gorgeous and magical world! Magnificent landscape, interesting story and mind-blowing quality of the video."Beautiful Washington" Episode 3 in HD quality depicts the greatness of: 00:36 - Mount Baker Area ,North Cascades 3:54 - Mount Baker Artist Point 4:31 - Table Mountain Trail 8:10 - Skyline Divide Trail 10:45 - Chain Lakes Trail Also gives you the opportunity to visit: 14:19 - Eastern Washington – Yakima Region 16:14 - Cowiche Canyon 19:18 - Yakima Canyon Road 20:42 - Snoqualmie Region 26:55 - Poo Poo Point Trail 29:29 - Snoqualmie Falls Trail 31:00 - Franklin Falls Trail 35:53 - Granite Mountain Trail

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