Beautiful Snowy Canadian Winter
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Discover the winter wonders of nature in Canada! Hike amongst snow-covered trees to frozen waterfalls. Winter falls is a fascinating mix of tumbling water, mist, icicles, and snow! Admire the beauty of snowy mountain peaks, enjoy snowfalls scenes, explore mountain rivers, and wander trails lined with giant snow-covered cedar trees. You will see stunning landscapes, wonderful roads covered in fresh snow, calm crystal lakes, spectacular basalt rocks, and much more. Turn on the video and rejuvenate your soul in the wilderness. Canadian nature is a winter-lover’s paradise. With its dramatic mountains, and temperate forests being amongst the most beautiful in the world. Snow, mountains, and ice - is the pure essence of Canada and a classic winter adventure. Video from: Canada Video resolution: 4K UHD 60fps Equipment used: Panasonic Gh5, Blackmagic 4K Pocket Cinema Camera Video type: nature relax video Еxecutive producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc Cinematographers: Agnius Narcevicius, Titas Kazlauskis

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