Amazing Waterfalls. Part 1 - Nature Relax Video
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Feel refreshed and relaxed by watching our 4K nature relax video! Open a unique nature collection of cascading water drops! These wondering views will reassure you that waterfalls are the true natural jewelry! Meet the jewel of the Palouse Falls State Park – incredible Palouse Falls. The waterfall falls from the height of 198 feet into a “bowl” carved out of the black rock. The view is truly splendid, but you will not see the falls unless you hike to the top of the basalt plateau. Spring and early summer are the best seasons to visit the falls, when Palouse Falls increases its’ strength and beauty. Video from: Washington State Video type: nature relax video Video resolution: 4K Filmmaker and producer: Roman Khomlyak Editor: Vadim Silchenko Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

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