Amazing Silver Waterfall in Oregon. Part 1
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Enjoy the bird's polyphony, the rhythmic sound of a waterfall and the quiet sounds of wind. A soothing picture of nature and white noise will create coziness and harmony in your place and your thoughts. The soundscape of pristine nature will help you sleep better, relax, calm your nerves, and have a healing effect on both the moral and physical condition of your body. Silver Falls is the most beautiful park in the US. Located near Silverton, about 20 miles southeast of Salem, Silver Falls is the largest park in Oregon state. Сlose your eyes, get into a comfortable position and be transported to this amazing place. Use this nature soundscape video when you have a rest after a long hard day or when trying to sleep, concentrate on studying or working. Video From: Silver Falls Park, Oregon state, US Time of filming: June of 2021 Video title: AMAZING SILVER WATERFALLS IN OREGON STATE Part 1 Video Resolution: 4K Equipment used: Panasonic GH5 Video Type: nature soundscape video Producer: Roman Khomlyak, ProArtInc Cinematographer: Roman Khomlyak Editor and colorist: Kateryna Sokolova Supervising editor: Mykhailo Feshchak Location scout: Svitlana Baranova Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

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