4K Trip through the Scenic Places of Russia - Short Preview Video
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Observe the astounding natural scenery of the best scenic places of Russia, and leave all the worries and stress behind! Connect to nature and enjoy natural beauty while watching this peaceful 4K preview video. Admire marvelous natural scenery of the Japanese sea, its stacks, and the driftwood being washed by the sea waves. Walk through wild paths covered with lush green grass, listen to the most soothing sounds of nature, and stay calm and relaxed! Let the tranquil atmosphere of the fabulous local valleys, waterfalls, gorges, and capes become a perfect zone of your total relaxation! Enjoy your emotional break and get recharged with new positive energy from the natural wonders of Russia in 4K! Video From: Russia Video Resolution: 4K UHD Equipment used: DJI Osmo Pocket Video Type: preview Filmmakers: Nadezhda Stepulenko, Vitaliy Stepulenko Editor: Dmytro Morokhovets Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

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