(Russian) Beautiful Washington. Part 1 in HD - Nature Documentary Film (with narration)

Experience nature first-hand, discover its wonders, explore, imagine and enjoy superb views of Washington State, USA. The first part of the film presents in-depth and detailed information on the most popular and the most visited touristy places in the State of Washington. Key places of the state, popular hiking trails and state parks. The first part of “Beautiful Washington” in HD quality takes you on a virtual tour around: 00:30 - Mount Rainier National Park 12:05 - Leavenworth Area 19:39 - Diablo Lake Area 23:39 - Spokane Area 32:34 - Palouse Falls State Park 34:52 - Mount Adams Area 37:50 - San Juan Islands & Puget Sound Region 53:59 - Skagit Valley. Tulip Festival

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